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In Egyptian times there were many lords by the name of Ramesses. 10 to be precise with Ramesses XI being the last ruler of the New Kingdom of Egypt. The very first Ramesses was known as Paramessu who ruled a very very long time ago. Each of the Ramesses have held a significant place in history. Although the true name of Ramesses XI has never been revealed, he is believed to have ruled for 3 decades and even has an online slot based on him thanks to the good folks at NextGen Gaming.


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Play Ramesses Riches slot
Play Ramesses Riches slots no deposit

Play Ramesses Riches

The game devs are known to use a mixed bag of themes all within their extensive catalogue of online slot titles with Ramesses Riches being no exception, this game is rooted in history as well as intrigue into the life of a man who will forever be etched into the barrows of history. Be sure to elevate your experience by playing this slot on the site Egypt slots, a site that is known for a very extensive catalogue of games for you to choose from.

Play Ramesses Riches Bonus Features

There are many symbols on these reels, all offering something different in terms of numerical value, with the more symbols being involved in the winning pay-line the higher your scores will eventually be. Ramesses himself is the wild symbol, and his role is simple: to substitute all other symbols apart from the Ankh, thus crafting more options for you to traverse these reels and come out with some rather generous cash pay-outs. The Ramesses symbol will also award players with a 5000x multiplier whenever you match 5 of these symbols on the reels at one given moment. Playing this slot on a much higher bet will allow you to bring in even more winnings with that in mind.

Ramesses Riches Developer

Developer Nextgen Gaming is not only a recognisable name in the online slots industry but is also a prominent figurehead for it’s peers to look up too. With titles such as 300 Shields, to the bloody Blood Lore Wolf Pack, it’s easy to see why Nextgen Gaming is renown as being one of the go to developers for this kind of entertainment, and that’s exactly how they like it. With a name like Nextgen Gaming you expect the best of new titles for a new generation. Well we can safely say that these guys don’t disappoint.
Creating titles that could circle the world over in just how creative and fourth wall breaking they are. It’s very clear that Nextgen Gaming are the future of the industry — so why not jump on now and follow them on their rise to superstardom?

The Verdict

History buffs everywhere will find enjoyment in the reels of this title. That is a straight up fact. A mix of great gameplay and unique graphics equal a rather eclectic game that will provide insight on Ramesses’ life as well as a look into the time period of this title. We can’t recall the last time a history based slot has held our attention without fault. Play Rammesses Riches today!

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