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The player is taken into a talent show where different animals are showcasing their talents to claim the top position. You will act as the Judge and will have to decide the winner for the talent show that is taking place. There will be a lot of entertainment as different talents by different cute animals will be shown to the players in this slot game. Make your decisions wisely because if you select the right animal for the top position then you might earn a lot of wins too. Enter the talent show right now at EgyptSlots and see for yourself that what the hype is all about. This slot title comes with an RTP of 96.03% along with 5 reels and 20 betways.



Play Reel Talent

This game’s gameplay is centered around the talent show that is taking place in this majestic animal world. The colours, energy and motivated animals would be a pleasant sight to witness as animals from all over the world would be attending this talent show to prove their worth and skills. This game’s genre falls under Fun category and would be a vitalizing experience for the player. Background of the slot shows that the talent show is going to start off soon with full intensity. All the lights and settings have been done in the background. The stage has been set for the talent show and the crowd has arrived seated in their places waiting for the special animals to arrive and showcase their talents. You will be taking your seat as the judge and will be placing wagers on the reels. Choose carefully and move with caution because some high valued slots and symbols await you in this 5 reeled slot box. The slot box Is another power feature of this game , it is slightly transparent to allow the player to feel the titanic power of this talent show from the background. Music continuously gives you good company in this slot game and adds up to the fun of this slot game. The symbols are represented by a Singing Lion, A Magician Rabbit, A Fire breathing Crocodile, A Guitarist Wolf and a set of Playing cards. Special symbols include wild and bonus symbols.

Play Reel Talent Bonus Features

There are many bonus features of this game which include Reel Talent Symbol that is the most expensive and most rewarding symbol. It will pay the player 50x the total bet if the player is able to land it in combinations of 5x or more. It also acts as the wild symbol in characterstics. The symbol storage feature is triggered by landing any win during reel talent base game. The winning symbol is stored on the left of the slot box. If the player manages to get two more wins the other symbols are also stored on the left metre. When the metre fills up with three symbols then the super Spins feature is enabled. If player won 3 different symbols then he is given access to the Showtime Superspin level where as in case of 2 different symbols the Big stage Superspin is awarded. If you are lucky enough and manage to get 3 same symbols during Symbol Storage then this will trigger the Solo Performance super spin for you that is the most rewarding of all.

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