Play Siberian Storm Dual Play

Play Siberian Storm Dual Play Now

The Siberian Storm Dual Play Slot game, as the name implies may not outrightly be the most beautiful game you have ever seen, but it depicts strength and resilience with its uniqueness. The design is solid, accompanied by the right kind of music that matches the snowy polar environment. The game developer must have factored in some natural occurrences to create such a near-real climate that meant entertainment for passionate gamers.



Play Siberian Storm Dual Play

The rewards of the Siberian Storm begin from the middle reel where all the symbols may appear on a 10. Also, the winning chances of getting a big reward depends on the stacked wilds with free spins. The betting price ranges from 75 pence to £1.50, £375 and £750 per turn.
The play also creates a landing matching symbols on the reels that are adjacent to each other aside from the traditional payline combinations. Players also stand a better chance of winning with the wild symbol that lends on a fully stacked on the three reels found at the middle. When this occurs, there is an additional ten wild symbols at both the top and bottom of the set of reels.
The gameplay has a total possible jackpot of 3750 coins with several bonus rounds as described earlier. The total free spin can be up to 480 at maximum with a 1x multiplier.

Play Siberian Storm Dual Play Bonus Features

When players land five bonus symbols on each successive reel, there is a subsequent reward of 8 free spins. The different combinations of the five bonus symbols give an additional eight free spins to the total amassed reward, while the bonus symbol must fall to the right place. There is, therefore, a total of 480 free spins that the game offers.
The extra wilds are also featured on a new set of reels during the play with free spins as a bonus that enhances the eventual reward and winning chances. If the symbol aligns at the right position, there can be a second trigger of more free spins, rewarding 480 times free spins. The game may at first create an impression of the brick and mortar age, but that adds more to its uniqueness as a product of IGT.

Siberian Storm Dual Play Developer

IGT is a sure gaming provider with a firm and brave heart to create a unique gaming experience for passionate players. Their products are exceptional, owing to their several years of experience in gaming designs and the effectiveness of their team of experts.
The most popular game products from IGT include Silent Movie, Diamond Queen, Red Mansions, Miss Red and Icy Wilds as well as many more.

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