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Starburst is a very simple game to behold, the colours play a very significant part in the games aura. If you are one for bright and imaginative then you need look no further. Starburst wraps players into a lull of kaleidoscopic colours that seem elevated over any other game, your eyes will twist and turn into different colours in the reflection of the screen, only emphasising the way in which players are almost hypnotised into looking at the screen and nothing but the screen. It’s very rare to find certain titles that live up to the expectation of their thumbnail or title.


Play STARBURST no deposit slots
Play STARBURST no deposit slots

Play Starburst

Starburst is a 5 reel slot over 10 pay-lines, each with rewarding tendencies depending on just how far and how hard you push with your bets and repeated spins. Starburst can be played from both mobile and desktop devices, providing even more levels of playable verticality on-top of the literal verticality featured in-game. Starburst: a game that can be played anywhere and everywhere, the choice is yours.

Play Starburst Bonus Features

Both wilds and scatters take shape in Starburst, offering many different ways to play and many different paths to victory. There also happens to be an auto-play feature that goes in-line with the laid back style we mentioned previously. The auto-play mode allows you to set a specific amount of games to be played without any interaction from the player at all. This mode can be stopped at anytime should you want to step back into the action.
Yet another handy feature in Starburst’s arsenal is the skill stop feature. This essentially allows the player to pause the reels mid spin to look for potential avenues for matches across the reels, although this has no effect on the outcome of an already in motion spin, it can allow players to possibly give an upside-down perspective on an otherwise standard point and match slot.
Players that enjoy a series of bonus rounds will find more enjoyment in Starburst. These two bonus rounds: the Starbust Wilds bonus round and the Win Both Ways bonus round. To activate the wilds bonus feature you need only spin the reels till there is three wilds on the middle reels. Once this round is activated, the wilds will fill the reels on every block and will continue to do so until a re-spin is awarded. In total there is up to five re-spins up for grabs in this feature making it a must play should the opportunity arise.

Starburst Developer

Known for their own take on the online slot and online casino game market, NetEnt continues to make new strides everyday in every digital entertainment avenue they see fit. NetEnt offers a wide range of titles for every occasion, from online table games to online slots, so much to play and so little time.

The Verdict

Starburst: a walk into the days of old, where slots were simplistic and allowed its audience to imagine the stories behind the reels. If you happen to be one that enjoys a vintage feel on an updated modern day title then look to the stars and you’ll find the NetEnt satellite which just so happens to be broadcasting a certain tune: the tune of the very spacey Starburst soundtrack that is sure to get anyones foot tapping. Want a good site to play this slot? Visit Egypt Slots, it’s where we personally played this title.

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