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This is a 5 reel slot that is played out over 40 pay-lines. Universal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse comes to you via developers NetEet. This slot is a phantom of the opera themed slot, perfect for any fans of the show out there. The location of this one however is set against an empty crowd, a spot where you are front and centre running these haunted reels. There is a variety of bonus features for you to find out for yourself.


Play THE PHANTOMS CURSE no deposit slots
Play THE PHANTOMS CURSE slots no deposit

Play The Phantom’s Curse

To begin this slot simply select your bet amount and coin values. There is also an option for one to hit the max bet button, which is pretty self-explanatory. The soundtrack of this slot is a key highlight, setting it out from the rest of this experience. This slot is available from a variety of different locations, our pick? Egypt slots, it has too many fun slots here for you to pass up when after playing The Phantoms Curse.

Play The Phantom’s Curse Bonus Features

Wilds: Lookout for the mask symbol, this is the wild symbol and will substitute for a scatter symbols. Wilds also score pretty high on the pay-table, making them a must for players wanting to hit the high notes.

There is a total of 3 different bonus features here that work outside of our realm of understanding. Various symbols have an ability to be stacked depending on their locations on the reels. Some will appear more often depending on how many times you spin these reels. The stacked phantom will only appear on reel 1, stacked Christine will only appear on reel 5, and finally we have the stacked mask symbol (which is a stacked wild) which will only appear on the last reel.

If you manage to land both the stacked phantom and stacked Christine on their respected reels at the same time, you unlock the pick and click bonus. This feature works with 2 separate stages. The first stage will have you picking roses which will earn coins along the way. Eventually you will find yourself in stage 2 where you will be tasked with choosing certain mirrors which offer multipliers to your base scores.

Scatters: The chandelier is this symbols scatter, allowing you to throw around symbols on the reels in combinations that will only add to your scores exponentially. Matching x amount of scatters will award you various free spins, free spins that again add to your scores.

The Phantom’s Curse Developer

Known for their own take on the online slot and online casino game market, NetEnt continues to make new strides everyday in every digital entertainment avenue they see fit. NetEnt offers a wide range of titles for every occasion, from online table games to online slots, so much to play and so little time. NetEnt (short for Net Entertainment) are known not only for their highly anticipated online slots and games, but also for their pioneering attitude towards the industry itself. You may know them from cutting edge titles such as Cosmic Fortune and Hansel and Dazzle Me.

The Verdict

The Phantoms Curse is yet another slot for you to add to your list of favourites. The bonus features are a clear highlight and should be inspiration for not only you but NetEnt’s peers who are lagging behind apparently. If we can compare this slot to anything out there in the market, we would probably have to say NetEnt’s Thunderfist, the gameplay is somewhat similar as is the bonus features.

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