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The Pig Wizard is a 5 reel, 20 pay-line game which Blueprint are renown for. This is a very graphically pleasing 3D slot, giving you a variety of different experiences with each and every spin. The animations are slick, only adding to your overall enjoyment of this slot overall. All symbols in this slot are representative of the theme that The Pig Wizard himself has conjured up. Symbols include: a magic hat, spell books and bags upon bags of gold coins.


Play THE PIG WIZARD slots no deposit
Play THE PIG WIZARD no deposit slots

Play The Pig Wizard

Magic, a strange thing indeed, especially when you consider the possibility of a pig becoming the animal version of one of the most popular movies presently in Harry Potter. This is clearly as close as developers Blueprint Gaming could get without breaking any copyright laws, but hey we aren’t complaining. The Pig Wizard is a very fun and enticing experience that is sure to keep you running these reels for hours on end.

There is a total of 4 additional bonus features on offer here for you to play with, all offering something different in how you might approach each spin. There is also the possibility of a wizard randomly appearing on the reels and turning certain symbols into wilds, which is again even more incentive for you to play this slot out for yourself.

Play The Pig Wizard Bonus Features

Yes there is wilds and scatter symbols at play in this slot, but we’re going to be talking about the other bonus features in this section; the type of bonus features that will get your scores squeeling. The most notable of the bonus features here is the Squeal or No Squeal feature. In this feature you will be tasked with choosing a certain spell book from a number of books, each of these books have a different multiplier.

The magic mirror free spins is a free spins game with additional wilds at your disposal. These mirrors are chosen at the start of this bonus feature, look out for the framed symbols on the reels, these are your gateway to the magic mirror free spins. This is a very useful feature in that you can stack wins upon wins!

And now we arrive at the final bonus round: a board game where Harry moves across a board collecting multipliers as he goes. This is a second screen game, meaning it takes you away from the reels for just a split moment in order for you to find something else to wet your gold beak. In this feature it is up to you to find various potions that will again offer up to a x10 multiplier.

The Pig Wizard Developer

The very blueprint of the online gaming industry, ironically flows through the veins of the very appropriately titled Blueprint Gaming game company. With an extensive list of titles, Blueprint pride themselves on creating lasting experiences for many to enjoy. Themed games are their strong-suit and will continue to be moving forwards with every new release as they begin to carve themselves a very big part of the online gaming industry.

The Verdict

The Pig Wizard might be one of the most funnest experiences we’ve had in a long time. We must have played this slot for around an hour or two and in all honesty we wanted more. We discovered this slot on the site Egypt slots: a site that we’d also recommend as there are hundreds if not thousands of slots such as this one for you to choose from, all in the vein of The Pig Wizard and beyond!

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