Play The Snake Charmer

Play The Snake Charmer Now

Let’s face it, snake charmers are cool and if you disagree then you probably aren’t sitting at the cool table anytime soon. If you’ve ever wondered what life happens to be like in this profession then look no further than the appropriately titled Snake Charmer Slot from the good folks at NextGen Gaming. Heighten your experience by playing this slot over at Egypt slots!


Play The Snake Charmer no deposit slots
Play The Snake Charmer slots no deposit
Play The Snake Charmer slot

Play The Snake Charmer

This hissingly good game rewards players with the discovery of snakes across a series of reels that must be traversed and lured in order to succeed in your attempt to win some gold. There are a lot of bonus features in this title to keep you coming back for more including: wilds, scatters, free games, expanding snake symbols and auto-play modes for the lazy players out there (insert wink here because we’re joking we know you ain’t lazy).

Play The Snake Charmer Bonus Features

There happens to be 200 ways to play this title which is a lot of ways to victory when you think about it. This slot can be played on many different devices stemming from both mobile and desktop baskets, allowing you to play on the move or wherever you happen to be! Your job as snake charmer is a simple one: gather as many symbols as you can to not only learn the tricks of the trade but to also be rewarded in gold for your efforts.

Wilds, scatters, you name it this slot has it. There aren’t that many slots out there presently offering similar experiences such as this one. As we’ve also mentioned there is an auto-play mode that allows one to go about other activities while these reels run off in the background. You can select up to a hundred free games to play off in the background; a great incentive to keep the money rolling.

The Snake Charmer Developer

Developer Nextgen Gaming is not only a recognisable name in the online slots industry but is also a prominent figurehead for it’s peers to look up too. With titles such as 300 Shields, to the bloody Blood Lore Wolf Pack, it’s easy to see why Nextgen Gaming is renown as being one of the go to developers for this kind of entertainment, and that’s exactly how they like it. Nextgen are set for the next generation that’s for sure. Think otherwise? Just look at their catalogue of games and tell us otherwise

The Verdict

Snake Charmer slot is a perfect example of a theme done right. Not many people will know about this title which if anything is better for you as this is your little secret (insert wink here). This is a slot that commands your attention and time. Remember that you aren’t actually a snake charmer though and that snakes are really dangerous and should be avoided unless you’re at a zoo and the keeper says its alright to wear one as a tie, then you can go for it! (Poor snake though). Play The Snake Charmer today!

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