Play Treasure of Horus

For decades now, explorers have scoured the globe looking for some of the most secretive of places. The reasons for this? Riches, untold riches that offer windows into a reality where you have access to anything you could ever want and more. Introducing Treasures of Horus, the latest slot in the Iron Dog Studios catalogue, offering one the chance to explore riches alongside explorers who have spent entire lifetimes chasing after something so close yet so far.

Play Treasures of Horus slots no deposit
Play Treasures of Horus slots no deposit
Play Treasures of Horus no deposit slots

Play Treasure of Horus

Treasure of Horus is a 3×5 slot that is spread across 20 pay-lines. In order for one to be successful here they will need to be matching symbols from left to right of the reels in combinations of 3 or higher. It goes without saying but the more symbols you match on the reels, the higher the cash pay-out that you shall receive. All symbols in this slot are represented by a variety of Egyptian themed symbols, all offering something different in terms of numerical value. Symbols here include swords, coins, cats, and ankhs. We would personally recommend playing this slot over at Egypt slots in order to get the full ancient Egypt experience. Check out the rest of our review below.

Play Treasure of Horus Bonus Features

One of the most beneficial bonus features here is found in the scarab symbol. These symbols have an animation where if you match them on the reels they will fly towards the screen causing a random symbol on the reels to go wild. This is unlike other slots, where wilds are normally randomised and then open the doors to scatter symbols; not here. There are no scatters in this slot, which is probably why this feature is included. Just because there is no scatter does not mean there is no free spins here. Simply match the Anubis symbol on the third reel where you will then be awarded with 6 free spins, spins that possess multipliers to your scores.

Treasure of Horus Developer

Iron Dog Studios: the record breaking game developers are here and in full swing, ready to give players the types of online experiences you never forget. With countless online slot titles that are sure to derive attention as well as immersion; these guys have pages upon pages of online slot games for you to choose from; it’s easy to see how they have managed to create such a reputation for themselves as one of the go too developers for winning rolls and lasting experiences. If you see the Iron Dog symbol, you know that you’re getting gold.

The Verdict

Treasure of Horus is a worthwhile slot that is chocked full of features that will no doubt get you spinning on these reels. The Egypt themed slot is very saturated right now. Visit any site and you will find a scarab or two on reels. Treasures of Horus is a very simple slot for one to experience, and who doesn’t want that? Play Treasures of Horus today!

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