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Iron Dog Studio brings us this traditional-feeling five-reel, three-row slot, which comes with 20 fixed paylines, 95.93% RTP, and a variable Free Spins feature to keep players entertained. This slot game uses the sights and sounds of Ancient Egypt as its source of inspiration, taking a gentle approach to its subject matter and providing a relaxing ambience. You can play Treasure of Horus slot here with us at, which is also home to hundreds of other great slots games including Tutankhamun, Cleo’s Wish, Cleopatra and Pharaohs Fortune.


Play Treasures of Horus slots no deposit
Play Treasures of Horus slots no deposit
Play Treasures of Horus no deposit slots

Play Treasure of Horus

Egyptian-themed online slots come in all shapes and sizes, and this 2017 release from the development studio of Iron Dog dresses in the clothes of Egyptian lore, but at its heart is an online slot which has been designed with traditional players in mind. Iron Dog has focused on giving us a sound and solid slot game which is easy to pick up and play. You won’t have to spend your time reading the information screen before spinning the reels; if you’ve played an online slot before, you already know how Treasure of Horus slot works.
Egypt is a popular theme with slot players (which is why this website exists!), and developers have approached it many different ways in the past. We host slots that are based on the legends of Tutankhamun and Cleopatra. There are also slots specifically based in the Pyramids, or on the idea of digging for treasure. Treasure of Horus puts the greatest of the Old Gods of Egypt front and centre; Horus. According to Egyptian myth, he was the most powerful of all the deities, offering his followers power, protection and wealth. It was a tradition that all rulers of Egypt would surround themselves with the Eye of Horus symbol in the hope that their reign would be a successful one.
As the God of wealth, it only stands to reason that Horus would possess treasures beyond imagination, and if luck is on your side when you spin the Treasure of Horus reels you may be able to move some of it from his pocket to yours! To do that, you’ll have to master all you see on the screen. You’ll find a play area with a five-by-three layout, containing twenty possible pay lines. The graphics are simple and functional, with a soft style that means you’re never at risk of straining your eyes as you play.
The blue waters of the Nile are visible in the background beyond the reels, with palm trees and sandy hills rising away into the distance. The reels themselves are suspended between two intricately carved columns, with a tiny spinning Pyramid on top just for good measure. A gentle, breezy backing track of Egyptian music accompanies you as you spin, making for a relaxing atmosphere.

Treasure of Horus has eight standard symbols. Playing cards represent the least valuable of them, in this case, J, Q, K and A. The four higher value symbols are tied into the theme; a pair of swords, a pile of engraved silver coins, the Ankh cross and a statue of the cat god Bastet.
The wild symbol in Treasure of Horus is a blue scarab, but that won’t land on your reels as part of a standard spin. Instead, it will suddenly fly up from below them, flutter its wings and land wherever it chooses, replacing whichever symbol was originally there to create wins for you. It can take you by surprise the first time you see it, so try not to jump!
You may be thinking eight symbols is quite low for a modern online slot, and you’d be right. There are further symbols, but you’ll only see them when you’ve entered the game’s bonus features.

Play Treasure of Horus Slot Bonus Features

The way that the bonus features are triggered in Treasure of Horus slot is a little different, in that you’re not relying on anything specific appearing on the reels after a spin to get them started. The bonus feature on offer within this slot is a Free Spins game, which can progress across up to three levels. You’re at the mercy of that flying scarab beetle to decide when you’ll get to try your hand; when it floats onto the reels and drops a ‘Free Spin’ symbol (represented by Horus) on the top row of the third reel, the feature will begin. It works sequentially, and you have to achieve what’s required in one level to progress to the next.

You’ll start off in the Tomb of Anubis with six free spins, and an additional wild symbol represented by a green scarab. During your spins, you need to land a special symbol of an Egyptian Queen in order to leave this tomb and move on to the next level.

Presuming you find the Queen in the right place, you’ll enter the Tomb of Weret. Your reward is a fresh set of six free spins, this time with a pink scarab which is both a wild and a multiplier, doubling your stake when it appears. This time you’re looking out for an Egyptian King, who again has to land on the third reel to move you forward.

If you find the Egyptian King, the third and final level is the Tomb of Horus himself. This is the most lucrative portion of the slot game. Within this tomb, you’ll have six more free spins, with the green and pink scarabs from the previous tombs on the reels and a new blue scarab who provides a 5x multiplier to wins. There’s an additional golden mask scatter symbol within the Tomb of Horus which pays out cash prizes when it lands in multiples.

The progression of levels is like something from a video game, and provides a surprisingly original attraction within what at first glance is quite a simple slot game. If you’re lucky and you make it through to the final tomb, you could find yourself escaping with rich rewards, just like the great tomb raiders of the past did!

Treasure of Horus Developer

Iron Dog Studios are a British-based company, with offices just outside of Brighton. They’re a relatively new company, having spawned from the 1×2 Gaming Network, but are a self-contained firm who develop online slots in their own right. A connection still exists between Iron Dog and 1xt2, which the former describes as their ‘sister brand’.

Their short but informative biography talks of a desire to strike a balance between the old and the new when it comes to slot games; to make the best of new technologies but never forget that the core of a good slot game is the same as it has been for decades; fun, entertainment and excitement. They speak openly about their ambition to completely online slots that aren’t just great, but legendary.

As of right now, with the company still being comparatively young, they don’t have their own distribution network, and so use others as a route to market. Their primary way of publishing is by working with 1×2, although they’ve also announced a partnership with NYX, and are still looking for further brands to assist with the release of their slot games. We at Egypt Slots like what we see from Iron Dog, and we’re happy to be able to provide an outlet for their work.

The studio has released a number of slots that have a Japanese anime-style look, and the slots they currently feature most prominently on their website are Viking Wilds, Siren’s Kingdom, The Curious Cabinet and Rainbow Wilds.

They provide promotional text to cover all of their slot game releases, and summing up Treasure of Horus in their own words, they say:-

Are you a fortune hunter with a taste for peril? Well look no further than the tip of your fedora and delve into the ruins of Egypt in this 3 row, 5 reel slot where the treasures of the Gods lay. Anubis, Weret, and Horus are waiting to reward the brave in the form of free spins, scatters, and scarabs revealing multiplying wilds which will result in celestial wins like you have never seen before! Are you daring enough to uncover the riches that lay within the tombs like any adventurer worth their salt? Or will you run scared to your mummy?

Because we like Treasure of Horus so much, we’re willing to forgive the ‘mummy’ pub at the end of that paragraph!

Slot Games Similar To Treasure of Horus From Iron Dog Studio

There isn’t much to see here, we’re afraid! By their own admission, Iron Dog is a young studio who are still finding their feet when it comes to online slots, and so their output thus far hasn’t been prolific. There’s only one Egyptian-themed slot in their current collection, and it’s Treasure of Horus.

Virtually every slot developer eventually returns to the Egyptian theme at least once. We’re sure that over time, Iron Dog will come up with a new spin on the theme, and provide us all with another great Egyptian slot. When they do, we’ll hopefully bring it to you here at Until then, we have plenty of other slots for you to enjoy, so let’s examine them instead!

Slot Games Similar To Treasure of Horus From Elsewhere

Finding the best Egyptian themed online slots out there and bringing them to you to play is what we do at Egypt Slots. We invite you to register with us today free of charge, and browse our full library to find out about all the fantastic slots we have to offer. In the meantime, though, here are three comparable slots to Treasure of Horus to get you started.

Eye of Horus:

There’s no connection between the Eye of Horus and Treasure of Horus slot games, they’re not even by the same developer. It’s just a testament to the allure of Horus as a mythical figure that slots with such similar titles exist. Eye of Horus is a Reel Time Gaming product, and contains a few visual similarities to Treasure of Horus; especially when it comes to the layout and the graphical style. This 5×3 slot with a modest ten paylines is brought to life by a free spins feature that combines with the slot’s wild symbols to great effect. Every time you find a wild symbol during your free spins round, you receive an additional free spin, and one of the lower value symbols is removed, leaving more of the higher values. The more wilds you find, the longer the round goes on for, and the more wins are worth! This isn’t the most advanced online slot you’ll ever play, but it’s one you can pick up and put down at your leisure without having to think too hard about it. RTP comes in at 96.31%.

Ancient Egypt:

Sticking with the more stripped back and straightforward end of the Egyptian-themed market, here’s Pragmatic Play with their Ancient Egypt slot. You’d never know it from the slot’s name, which tells you where it’s set but nothing else, but this slot game is all about Cleopatra, and her reign as the final Pharaoh of the legendary empire. You’ll see her on the reels, looking a lot like she did when Elizabeth Taylor played her on screen in the classic film. There’s a little less to shoot for in Ancient Egypt’s base game, with only ten paylines, but things come to life within the bonus features. The slot has two bonuses to offer; one fairly standard free spins round, and one prize-picker where you choose from random options to create a multiplier. Whatever you end up with is applied as a multiple of your initial stake, and handed back to you as an instant cash prize. Treasure of Horus is a slot that starts out basic and then steps it up a gear with the bonus features active; Ancient Egypt stays a little more relaxed for the full duration, but it’s still a fun slot to play, with an RTP of 96.13%. That’s a little – but not much – more generous than Treasure of Horus.


We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t offer up the best-known Egyptian slot game of all time for comparison here. IGT’s Cleopatra slot is like a long-running Broadway musical. It’s been there for years, many newer attractions have come and gone, and this is the one that everybody still wants to see. By modern standards there’s nothing exceptional about the Cleopatra slot; in fact, it has a lot in common with Treasure of Horus. Both slots have a 5×3 layout, both slots have 20 paylines, and both slots have similar RTPs with Cleopatra’s coming in at 95.02%. You could argue that Cleopatra is a better-looking slot game, but that’s only because the old Queen of the Nile has undergone a facelift for the digital age! This slot actually started life inside physical cabinets and was played on the floors of casinos. IGT simply couldn’t bear to part with Cleopatra when their audience began to move online, so they converted the game into an online slot, which is still played and loved by thousands today. We have many more modern Egyptian-themed slots at Egypt Slots, but this remains one of the most popular among our collection. The bonus features, being based on free spins and wilds, are nothing to write home about. Treasure of Horus has Cleopatra beaten in that department. It’s the charm of the slot that keeps you playing though, with Cleopatra whispering in your ear every time you find a win.

Treasure of Horus On Mobile

Treasure of Horus was a 2017 release for Iron Dog Studios. When we’re reviewing slot games that have been released this recently, we expect to find that the mobile slot version is at least solid. Players who prefer to play on mobile devices – a percentage share of the market that’s increasing all the time – should be taken into account by the developer, and so no brand new slot should be published if it doesn’t work comfortably on mobiles.

The conversion of Treasure of Horus into a mobile slot is flawless, but we suggest that you play it in landscape mode as opposed to portrait. The slot works whichever way up you’re holding your phone, but landscape is easily more comfortable in terms of the way it’s displayed. Whereas some developers will program a mobile slot so that it intelligently relocates the buttons and resizes the reels to work best with your display, Iron Dog has taken the easier approach of just shrinking everything down if you’re holding your phone upright. The net result of that is you end up feeling like you’re playing the slot through a letterbox.

In landscape mode, you’ll find a one hundred per cent faithful version of the slot you’ve played on your computer. We didn’t notice any issues with the graphics or animations, and the soundtrack also made it across in one piece. If you enjoy playing Treasure of Horus on your laptop or desktop, you should be pleased to know that you can also enjoy it anywhere you take your phone with you!

Treasure of Horus In The News

Both Iron Dog Studios and Treasure of Horus are still new enough that the reports about the formation of the studio and the release of the game are still online within the industry press. The website and blog of Calvin Ayre, a gaming entrepreneur who is well-known and respected throughout the industry, carried a press release from Iron Dog’s parent company 1×2 Gaming when the launch of the new company was announced. It was seen as part of a significant expansion from 1×2, who had doubled their workforce over the course of the previous twelve months, and in the process opened the Brighton office which Iron Dog now call home.

Within that press release, the rebranding of 1×2 Gaming to the 1×2 Network was confirmed, reflecting the fact that 1×2 are now a stable of subdivisions rather than one lone company who create slot games. The first act of 1×2 Network was to launch Iron Dog Studios, with Treasure of Horus listed as one of six online slots published by the new studio to announce their arrival on the market. A quote attributed to 1×2 Network Commercial Director Kevin Reid within the article said that part of the reason for diverging into multiple brands was so they could provide customers with different themed of online slots. It will be interesting to monitor the progress of Iron Dog Studios to see which particular style they settle on.

Play Treasure of Horus at Egypt Slots Today

You don’t have to book a flight to Egypt to start digging for the treasures of Horus; you can do it with us here at! Opening an account with us is free, and thanks to our quick application process you should be up and running in minutes. We’re always happy to see new players, so we’ll be ready to welcome you with ten free spins on the Cleopatra slot as soon as you sign up. That’s without you having paid us anything!

If you do want to make a deposit, we’ll back you all the way by doubling your money. We’ll match any deposit you place into your new account up to a maximum of £100. Not only that, we’ll throw another 100 free spins on the Cleopatra slot into the bargain. So to summarise, that’s 110 free spins on one of our leading online slots, plus up to a maximum of £100 worth of free bets, all here and waiting for you.

We’re best known for our fabulous collection of Egyptian-themed online slots, but we do far more than that, too. Our vast and varied selection of slot games contains smash hit titles from major slot development companies. We have some of the biggest and best online slots of all time here for you to play, as well as hidden gems waiting to be found. You’ve read about Treasure of Horus, you’ve read about us, and now it’s time to come inside and join in the fun. Scroll back up to the top of this page and register for an account with us today!

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