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If Ancient Egyptian themed slots are your bag then might we suggest Treasures of the Pyramid? It’s an online slot from the good folks at IGT: a game dev that knows just what makes a great slot that will pulsate within the confines of your devices for hours on end if you let it; you are the reason why these games exist, and seeing as you are reading this we will tell you more. Indiana Jones would be envious of such treasures that can be found traversing these reels — cash prizes as far as the eye can see.


Play Treasures of the Pyramid slot
Play Treasures of the Pyramid no deposit slots
Play Treasures of the Pyramid slots no deposit

Play Treasures of the Pyramid

Like many online slots from its maker, Treasures of the Pyramid has all of the telltale signs of an online slot, from wilds to scatters, this title has it all. Not to mention the 4 bonus features that identify as game bonus features on-top of an already stellar cast of activities for you to sink your adventurous teeth into. Treasures of the Pyramid can be played via many different devices, stemming from both mobile and tablet systems; many ways to play and so little time. Might we suggest playing this slot on the site Egypt slots also, for full effect of course.

Play Treasures of the Pyramid Bonus Features

Every symbol in this slot has something different, numerically speaking, to offer. We would suggest going for panther symbols and pyramid symbols, these happen to be this slots wild and scatter symbols, matching them in winning pay-lines will cause the reels to shake out a few extra coins when used creatively. Wild symbols will claw out certain symbols on the reels, thus leaving behind a mass of pyramid symbols in its wake. Panthers also possess a rather generous pay-out on their own, with the chance of up to 5000 coins whenever they are matched within that ever-elusive winning pay-line.

The Verdict

Treasures of the Pyramid will take you places you never knew you wanted to go: back in time to days of the past where pharaohs roamed the earth and pyramids were seen as temples to those of the highest of powers. Never before has an online slot captured out imaginations quite like this one and we aren’t just saying that to blow smoke, there is truth behind these words and we aren’t know to pull any punches, what we believe in we instil throughout our reviews. If you love slots then do yourself a favour and play Treasures of the Pyramid for the love of all that is holy.

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