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As this is a dice game you would expect well-designed and animated graphics, and you will not be disappointed. The developers have been careful to create a casual homely environment in order to provide you the real gaming feeling while you try your luck on Tripoll.
As you open the game you will find a cup of coffee and a pencil on your table thus giving the idea of another day at the desk. And then to have some fun at home is always a welcome thing. A game that is based on the common dice related games, Tripoll gives you prizes and peace of mind through this very simple online casino game.


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play Tripoll slots no deposit

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A theoretical RTP of up to 93% could be seen as low, but for an instant win game that is a healthy return rate. You can bet from £0.50, £1, £2, £3, £5 and £10 depending on your level ambition and expertise.
In this game you have 6 turns of rolling 3 dice with a target value for each turn. After you cast the dice each time, the 3 values are added and compared to the target. If you value reaches the set target value then you will be awarded the allocated prize for that session. When you start by clicking on a row the prize will be revealed before rolling the dice.
As standard with instant lottery games, you can either savour the moment by rolling the dice one by one, or hit the “Reveal All” button and save time for more sessions of Tripoll. There is also an Auto Play button to make things easy for the player.
There are 6 groups of targets for you to choose from. Target of 3 or 18, target of 4, 5, 16 or 17, target of 6, 7, 14 or 15, target of 8 or 13, target of 9 or 12, and target of 10 or 11 are the 6 groups from which you can choose what you aim to get as you roll the dice.

Play Tripoll Special Features

You can win with 2 dice too in the Tripoll dice game. If 2 dice show the same value then you will be awarded the double prize, and even better, if all 3 dice show the same number you will be awarded the Tripoll – the triple prize.

Tripoll Developer

IGT is the creator of this instant win lottery game for those who trust their luck. IGT has been creating well-designed online casino games for quite some time now, which is one of the reasons for the high quality of their online casino games. If you like instant win scratch lotteries, then Cash Cookout could be another game you would fall in love with. But if you can spare a few minutes to browse through the extensive games catalogue of EgyptSlots you are sure to find many other games that has your favourite themes and features. Read the comprehensive analyses of games, check out their features, play a few free games where awarded, and then decide which real money dice games you would want to play.

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