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Realistic Games offer us this classical take on the Egyptian theme, in a slot game with five reels, three rows and an RTP rate of 95.42% and twenty paylines to aim for. Egyptian iconography fills the reels in this simple and elegant online slot, which has a traditional feel to it. There’s a free spins round on offer as well as multiplying wilds which can lift the value of your wins. We’re happy to offer it here at along with hundreds of other great online slots like Cleopatra, Cleo’s Wish, Eye of Horus and Pharaohs Fortune.


Play Tutankhamun SLOT
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Play Tutankhamun slots no deposit

Play Tutankhamun

Here at Egypt Slots, we know that just because you enjoy online slots with an Egyptian theme doesn’t mean you’re into modern bonus features, flashy graphics or complicated layouts. That’s why we’ll always make sure that we have options available for every kind of slot player. If unique styles, complex bonus features and thousands of ways to win are what excite you as a player, we have the Queen of Riches slot and others like it to satisfy that need. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to be able just to load a slot game and play it without having to check the information screen or try to work out how to get the best out of it, slots like Tutankhamun are here to please you.

Tutankhamun himself is one of Egypt’s most legendary figures. The ‘boy king’ wasn’t an especially glorious or significant leader of Egypt during the time he was alive, but his was one of the most complete, untouched and exotic tombs ever discovered. Howard Carter finally broke into his tomb back in the 1920s, exciting the world’s press as he did so and, if the superstitions are to be believed, unleashing a curse that plagued him and his team for the rest of their lives. There’s no curse to be unleashed by playing the slot that bears King Tut’s name; just the chance of some healthy winnings if luck is on your side when you spin the reels.
Realistic Games have intentionally kept the design of Tutankhamun basic and accessible. There are very few elaborate animations outside of the bonus features, and little to see beyond the reels other than a gentle and blurry depiction of Egypt’s golden sands, with the hint of a pyramid away to the right hand side of the screen.

Sticking close to the traditional feel of this online slot, the least valuable of the symbols on offer are represented playing cards running from 9 through to A, above which sit four beautifully drawn picture symbols containing images we all associate with Egypt; a piece of ornate pottery, a lotus plant, the famous Eye of Horus, and a golden pendant featuring a scarab beetle.

Tutankhamun’s wild symbol is, fittingly enough, the golden mask that was found inside King Tut’s sarcophagus when it was excavated; almost as valuable here as the solid gold mask is in real life. It substitutes for everything apart from the scatter, which is a Pyramid. Tutankhamun wasn’t actually buried in a Pyramid; such honours were reserved for Pharaohs of more exemplary achievements, but it’s such an iconic symbol of Egypt that there’s no way they couldn’t include it somewhere within the slot game! As with the conventions of a traditional online slot, the scatters trigger the bonus feature.

Play Tutankhamun Bonus Features

There’s only truly one bonus feature in Tutankhamun slot, although the way the wilds can assist you is also worthy of mention, and we’ll get to them shortly. It wouldn’t be right to load an elaborate video-game like bonus feature on top of Tutankhamun’s base game, and so Realistic Games have opted to complement it with a good free spins feature instead.

To trigger your Free Spins round, you’ll need to land at least three of the Pyramid scatters anywhere in view; they don’t have to be in any special order, or on any particular reels so long as you have at least three of them. Fifteen free spins are your reward for landing three scatters, although you’ll receive more if you’re blessed with four or five. Every winning line you find during your free spins round is worth treble what it would be in standard play. If a further three scatters appear during your free spins, the round will re-trigger, and you can start all over again. There aren’t a huge number of symbols in Tutankhamun slot, so re-triggers here aren’t as unlikely as they can be in other online slots.
We said the Wilds are worth mentioning in this section, and that’s because they behave a little differently (and more generously) than you may have seen in other slot games. To explain this in simple terms, the more wilds are involved in the creation of a winning line, the higher the multiplier applied to that win. Just using one wild to make a win applies a 2x multiplier. This progresses logically, so you get a 3x multiplier for three, and a 4x multiplier for four. If you hit that once-in-a-lifetime spin and manage to land five wild symbols in a row, the slot will pay out its jackpot; a wonderful 2000x your initial stake. It may not be all that likely, but never say never!

Tutankhamun Developer

Realistic Games are based in Berkshire, England. They’ve been involved in the slot game world since 2002, but only more recently have they begun publishing games under their own umbrella. They’re a skilled group of professionals, with senior staff who draw on experiences as slot game designers, software operators, hardware suppliers and mostly importantly of all as slot game players. Realistic is a company who love slot games, and so their output is slots made by players, for players.
In their early years, they took things slowly as they built up both their experience and their reputation. They developed a few slot games to order, but only published them via third parties, having to work with more recognised names in order to get a foothold in the market. By 2008 they felt that they’d done enough to stand on their own two feet, feeling that the demands put upon them by using other people’s means of distribution and restricted technical specifications were by this point doing more harm than good. They spent the next two years piecing together their Realistic Games Library; a platform they charming refer to as ‘ReGal’.

The reputation of Realistic Games grew from there. By 2011, they’d emerged from the back of the pack to take the lead in the implementation of the HTML5 programming language; a dynamic type of code which is particularly useful in the development of mobile slots, because it guarantees that the way a program appears is the same across all devices. This put them ahead of many much older providers when it came to mobile slot development, and Realistic pressed home their advantage. By 2014 they’d acquired a license to operate in Gibraltar, and moving forward to the present day their games are now in demand by every major casino name you can think of. Realistic Games are a company who believed that they could do it on their own, and so they did.
The current version of Tutankhamun (we’ll explain what we mean by that in a moment) was launched in 2018, and so it’s recent news for Realistic. That means it still features prominently on the developer’s website, where they talk of it in glowing terms:
Plunder the Pyramids with Tutankhamun Deluxe! Unlock the mysteries of the pyramids with our Egyptian themed game: Tutankhamun Deluxe. Seek out the untold riches in our new look 20-line slot game. Now featuring the latest HTML5 design, mobile users are able to play in both landscape and portrait mode, whilst desktop users can scale the game to their desired size. Keep an eye out for the Tutankhamun wild symbol which can multiply any win they appear in up to an x5 multiplier. Line up all 5 of them to win the jackpot of up to x2000 your starting stake! Match 3 or more pyramid symbols and 15 free spins await you. During free spins, all wins are trebled (including all wins already multiplied by Tutankhamun!). Free spins can also be re-triggered!

You’ll note that they refer to the slot as ‘Tutankhamun Deluxe’ in their descriptive text, and here’s why: This is not the original version of the Tutankhamun slot. The original Tutankhamun slot used the same symbols, played the same way and had the same bonus features, but was presented differently. It was a simulator of an old-school slot machine, with a digital drawing of the casing of the game visible on the screen. It was an unusual and original way of presenting quite a basic game. When the era of mobile slots arrived, adapting this unique design for use on mobiles proved impossible, so Realistic scrapped the prior version of it and replaced it with Tutankhamun Deluxe. To all intents and purposes, it’s the same game; it just has different window dressing. Eight years separate the two incarnations of the slot.

Slot Games Similar To Tutankhamun From Realistic Games

Realistic Games work to quality, not quantity. Their roster of slot games isn’t huge, and as we’ve already seen their habit of pulling slots offline when they’re no longer happy with them. They don’t even offer the original version of the Tutankhamun slot anywhere, so we can’t offer you that as a comparison! Delving deep into their catalogue, though, we have found one more Egyptian-themed slot by Realistic that’s still online.

The Great Pyramid:

If you thought that Tutankhamun was a traditionalist’s delight, prepare to think again. The Great Pyramid takes you so close to the experience of standing in a real-life casino that you’ll almost be able to smell it. A little earlier in their development life, Realistic’s calling card was to create slot games that simulated the look, feel and playing experience of being stood in front of a slot machine, pushing the buttons yourself. Now we think of it, that might be why they’re called ‘Realistic’! So much attention to detail has been put into the design of The Great Pyramid that you can even see glimpses of the rest of the casino, including other slot machines, to the left and right of the reels. The game itself is incredibly basic; three reels, only one paying line, and an RTP of 95.20%. It’s so vintage that it even has holds and nudges; although if you’re unsure what to do with these, you can let the slot automatically take care of them for you!

Slots Games Similar To Tutankhamun From Elsewhere

Even though Realistic Gaming only has two Egyptian-themed online slots available, we still have far more to offer you. Some developers have issued as many as four, and we’ve spent time and effort seeking out the very best of them to offer to you on We invite you to register with us today free of charge and browse our entire library of games, but as an idea of what’s on offer, here are three we believe you’ll enjoy if you find yourself drawn to Tutankhamun.


An Egyptian theme presented with simplicity, and done well. Sound familiar? Everything that’s true of Tutankhamun is also true with IGT’s Cleopatra. Cleopatra is in many ways the female counterpart of Tutankhamun; they were separated by over a thousand years, but they’re the two figures who spring to mind most readily when we think of Ancient Egypt. They were also young rulers at the time they took on the role of Pharaoh, and young when they died in tragic circumstances. There’s something about both of them which we find romantic, and they’ll almost certainly be drawing fresh fascination from our own descendants hundreds of years from now. There are echoes of similarity between the slot games that bear their names, too! The purpose of the original Tutankhamun game was to replicate the experience of playing a physical slot machine. Cleopatra actually was a physical slot machine, long before online slots even existed. It was and is one of IGT’s finest creations, and has arguably outlasted any other game they’ve ever created. When you consider the achievements of that studio, that’s no small matter. Like Tutankhamun, this slot has also undergone a facelift to make it suitable for the mobile slot age. It’s a 5×3 layout with an easy-to-follow format featuring 20 paylines and 95.02% RTP, and what’s more, there are multipliers applied to the free spins round in much the same way they are in the Realistic Gaming slot. Now that’s synchronicity. The slot games may be by two different developers, but we believe if you enjoy one, you’ll enjoy the other!

Ancient Egypt:

Here’s another of the more classic and gentle Egyptian-themed slot games, this time coming from the minds of Pragmatic Play. It has a little more in common with Cleopatra than it does in Tutankhamun, but only because the famous Queen is clearly depicted on the reels even if she isn’t mentioned by name in this slot’s title. The RTP is a little more generous in Ancient Egypt than it is in Tutankhamun at 96.13%, but there are fewer paylines, with only ten to shoot for. There aren’t too many different symbols though, and so they appear with a reasonable regularity. Even the appearance of the Ancient Egypt slot seems to echo Tutankhamun; with the exception of Cleopatra on the reels instead of King Tut, they’ve gone for a similar presentation style and an almost identical set of symbols. Free spins are offered within the bonus features of this online slot, along with an instant cash prize multiplier.

Pharoah’s Fortune:

We’ll turn our attention back to IGT to complete our look at the traditional end of the Egyptian-themed slot market. Pharaoh’s Fortune is a friendly and relaxed slot, which has a strong visual style borrowed from the hieroglyphics and cave paintings of the Egyptians of old; especially those which you’d find painted onto the walls of a tomb. The simple grace of Pharaoh’s Fortune slot may be in part due to its age; it was published as long ago as 2006, during a time when mobile slots as we now understand them were a distant dream. It has fifteen fixed paylines, putting it between Ancient Egypt and Tutankhamun in that respect, with RTP also a pinch lower at 94.78%. It makes up for that though, by including a free spins feature which outright guarantees you a win on every spin, with a minimum return of 3x your stake every time. Not many slots will give you something for nothing like Pharaoh’s Fortune does! In a zany addition, it also has the classic Bangles hit ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ as a backing track. That’s very entertaining for the first ten minutes or so, but after that, you might want to hit the ‘mute’ button.

Tutankhamun On Mobile

One of the primary reasons that Realistic Games did away with the original version of Tutankhamun and replaced it with this ‘Deluxe’ edition was because the first incarnation of the slot would never have been practical to play on a mobile screen; the display would have been too small. Realistic are keen users of HTML5 to make their slot games now; a programming language which is designed to ensure that a game always appears the same way, no matter which device or screen size its displayed on. Taking all of that into account, we should have no issues playing Tutankhamun on a mobile device at all.

We’re happy to report that we don’t. The whole slot works just as it should do. With its stripped back design, there was never likely to be an issue with the graphics depreciating in quality from one format to the other, and they don’t. The quality has been maintained, the sounds are crystal clear, the functionality of the slot is all intact, and the conversion has been flawless.
As Realistic promised in their own description of the game earlier on, the Tutankhamun slot can be played holding your phone in either portrait or landscape mode, and resizes itself to suit. The reels maintain their shape and size, and the buttons relocate to make sure your playing experience is a comfortable one.

Simply put, Tutankhamun works brilliantly well as a mobile slot. If this solid and functional slot game has been fun for you to play at your computer, you’ll be pleased to know you can take it on the move with you and not worry about losing any of the fun.
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Howard Carter had to bring a heavy duty set of machinery and employ hired help to break into Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. You don’t have to go to any such lengths to play with the boy king today; just register to use, and you’ll be spinning the reels in minutes! Our registration process takes only a couple of minutes to complete, and approval is usually immediate. We’ll even welcome you with ten free spins on our always-popular Cleopatra slot, without asking you to deposit any money with us at all!

If you do feel like paying some money in and playing more games today, we’ll give you the biggest helping hand we can. Any deposit you make, up to a maximum of £100, we’ll match. That’s doubling your money, and giving you plenty of chance to explore our massive library of online slots. Egyptian-themed slots are what we do here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t also offer you the best of the rest. We have celebrity-endorsed slots, sports slots, Irish themed slots; you name it! Take the time to browse our full library, make a note of the slots you really want to play, and then take advantage of our introductory offers! We’ll even throw in a further 100 free spins on Cleopatra when you make your first deposit!
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