Play Tutankhamun

Play Tutankhamun Slot

Damn ancient Egypt, back at it again with the online slot. British developer Realistic games are here with a slot based on a very well known name from Egyptian history, we are of course talking about Tutankhamun. This is a 5 reel by 20 pay-line slot that is chocked full of additional features that is sure to get you itching, almost like there are scarabs running up your back. If you are looking for something a tad experimental in terms of slots, you might want to look elsewhere, this is a very basic online slot that you’ve probably already experienced many times before. Still interested? Then why not try the site Egypt slots to find out more about this slot as well as countless other slots that are in relation to this one.

Play Tutankhamun SLOT
Play Tutankhamun no deposit slots
Play Tutankhamun slots no deposit

Play Tutankhamun

All symbols in this slot are reflective of a different numerical value, a value that you can then manipulate to fit your own standards depending on how many of these symbols are placed into the winning pay-line. There are wilds, scatters and free spins all up for grabs here. Playing with a little common sense is all that’s required in order to come out on top with a rather generous cash pay-out. In-case you aren’t clued in on your history, this slot is based on the most known Egyptian pharaoh who was buried centuries ago before being discovered by explorers Howard Carter and George Herbert.

Play Tutankhamun Bonus Features

The jackpot element here is what separates this slot from being just another Egyptian slot. Simply land 5 blue pharaoh symbols on the reels and watch as you receive a 10,000x multiplier to your score. Matching 3 of these symbols will still give you a 100x multiplier, so it goes without saying, but if you want to get the most out of this slot then you will want to be hitting those symbols, and hitting them frequently. Even matching 2 of these symbols will reward you with a 40x pay-out!

Tutankhamun Developer

How often have you seen an online game dev become a household name? We’ll answer that for you, very rarely. Since its inception Realistic games have produced over a hundred titles, each with their own significant themes and experiences. These guys are tried and tested and have even stood the test of time itself, over a decade of entertainment and we’re sure there will be decades more to come. Offering countless titles all based on a certain theme/title. Realistic games: a dynasty in the making.

The Verdict

If you are still to get your fill of ancient Egypt slots then this will be the slot for you, if you are someone sick of the sight of these slots then maybe you will appreciate the basic gameplay and rather simplistic design. Tutankhamun might not have all the glamour of other online slots, but what it does have it makes up for in spades. Play this slot today!

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