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This time the players get to explore King Tut’s tomb. The game has a fun and full of adventure gameplay which will keep the players focused on their screens. The game transports the players deep inside an ancient tomb probably a pyramid where the players have to search for the hidden treasure. Will they be able to do it or will they fall victim to the monsters and dangers inside this dangerous tomb. Will you be able to survive this expedition into one of the most dangerous places in slot games? Will you find the lost royal treasure which so many have tried to find for the last millennium. Find out right now on EgyptSlots. The game has an RTP of 97.1% with 5 reels and 25 betways.



Play Tut’s Twister

The theme of the game is built inside an ancient Egyptian tomb probably a pyramid which the players have to explore to claim the ancient treasure. The game’s genre falls under the category of horror and adventure. It is a horror filled adventure which has a lot of rewards and bonuses lying in wait for the player at the end of the hazardous search. The music of the game gives a royal desert impression to the player with the Arabic tunes and howling wind blowing in the background while the player searches for the lost treasure of King Tut’s tomb. The background the inside of the pyramid or tomb and the slot box is shown between two ancient pillars with hieroglyphs engraved on the pillars. An animated mummy stand guard on the left of the slot box so be on your watch , it can attack at anytime without warning. The symbols of the game include card deck symbols which depict the lower valued symbols and the sign of Anubis, a ring , a scroll and a bowl of jewels depict the higher valued symbols. The special symbols of this slot game include a wild symbol.

Play Tut’s Twister Bonus Features

The main bonus feature of the slot game is the Tut’s Twister which shows a small tornado which occupies the reels. It is activated by either landing 2x wilds on the reels or by landing one wild which subsequently awards with a hieroglyph to complete a reel. Once triggered the feature has further rewards and bonuses for the players. The twister acts as a wild and while it is twisting all the other wilds on the screen will be sucked into this twister. Players keep receiving free spins till the time there are no other wilds left on the screen. Each 3x wilds on the screen award the players with a multiplier increment of 1x. If no wilds remain on the screen then even in that situation the players are awarded a free spin which gives them 1x more free spin.

Tut’s Twister Developer

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