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Play Warlords: Crystals of Power Now

For anyone willing to have a gameplay for a real cash, this slot gives such offer! The game holds a theoretic story of the fantasy genre. It is about some kings who took to the heels of war, to dominate lands. Not just the people, but the riches of the land inclusive. They claimed lands in their splendour, and eventually, it was down to just three. Hence the protagonists, The Barbarian, The Samurai, and the Priestess. Who would win over the lots of others? The answer is in your hands!
Hold on! Did you notice the ancient story building? If you didn’t, I can’t believe in any way how such compelling and clear graphics would escape the fancy of your retina.


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Play Crystal Power Slot

Play Warlords: Crystals of Power

As the game opens, you will be welcomed with the three finalists –warriors, holding themselves in gallant gaits. There are also features of wolves, panthers, and warthogs. As you hold your hand to push the spin, you practically would hold your breath hoping it is just a game. What is most awesome about this slot is not having to play the game itself, but being able to have it played on mobile devices. Any good news? Yeah. It is compatible with mobile devices and desktop.
The slot offers 5 reels 3 rows and 30 fixed paylines. The Wild feature is present in this slot, and in the time of great importance, it turns other symbols into the winning one. This is to get the player’s chance of winning on the high sides. The Crystals of Power slot also features Stacked symbols, Scatters (3 types).
Payout information is on the paytable in the slot. You can check out the Crystals of Power gameplay on
The aim is to match similar symbols on the paylines, determining which of the warlords wins the game. And of course, the higher the symbols matched, the greater the payout. The minimum bet per line is a 0.15, and the highest is 15 coins. Thus, a bet can own a total value of 150 high.
The Samurai is the highest, he gives a payout value up to 20X worth of the original bet when 5 are matched. It seems lower if compared to some other slots, but there is more.

Play Warlords: Crystals of Power Bonus Features

The slot features some extras and prizes. What is earned is dependent on which of the symbols get landed on the reel. There is a Special Wild tagged the Random Overlay.
Random Overlay: It comes to play on the reels, randomly. This feature is different from the normal reel play. This one is void of the Scatters. The Barbarian’s Hammer provides four Wilds on the first to the fourth reels. The Priestess’ Arrow and Samurai sword can provide 5 Wilds each.
There are the blue Scatter, for the Barbarian; the red for the Samurai; and the green for the Priestess.
Having a combination of 3 Scatters will win corresponding prizes from each of the Icons. The Priestess can trigger up about 6,666X the original bet if she keeps coming out of the lucky bag. The Barbarian and the Samurai offer a prize that reaches a top 600X the total stake, with free spins.

Warlords: Crystals of Power Developer

NetEnt is an award-winning game supplier of both online casino slots and offline games. To enjoy more games by the same developer for a real cash award, navigate through EgyptSlots.

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