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The game is based on Nordic history which we have been taught in our high schools. If you love the Vikings then you will definitely like to have a visit to their homeland where they live with their pets like bears and wolves. The Vikings were a very active race with battle like traits among them. They subdued all other weak nations by sheer force of their willpower and battle strengths. The player in this slot lands amid a clan of warrior Vikings, befriend them and find rewards and bonuses, or you might just get lost on the Nordic mainland. The Vikings were last seen roaming on EgyptSlots. The game has an RTP of 96.01% with 5 reels and 20 betways.



Play Wild Nords

The theme of this slot game revolves around the Nordic lifestyle with Vikings and animals of that region seen in the game. Its genre can be classified as Adventure. The animations of the falling snow coupled with the Viking music in the background gives a very lively touch to the gameplay. The music is a recharger for the spirit and mood. The howling winds depict the cold temperatures of the Nordic region. The colour scheme chosen for this game is blue which suits the theme perfectly. The background of the slot game shows an open Nordic plain with lightning and steady snowfall going on. The slot box is enclosed in between two Viking ritual pillars. The reels are opaque and the background is not visible from the slot box. The reels are separated by small distinctions. The symbols of the game are depicted by either Alphabets i.e. A,J,K,Q,10. The major symbols of the game are depicted by the shields depicting different animals such as the bear shield, wolf shield and the eagle shield. The game has several special symbols as well such as the wild symbols

Play Wild Nords Bonus Features

The game offers several bonus features such as the wild respins in which if any wild symbol falls on the screen then their corresponding animal shield symbol turns into a wild symbol as well and grants the player an additional free spin. This process will continue itself till the time there are no animal shields left. Another feature is the random Nordic animals like the eagle, wolf or bear coming in front of the screen with ample of chances to make wilds or symbols related to that animal in bigger quantity. It will increase the player’s chance to win.

Wild Nords Developer

Red Tiger has produced this awesome slot game based on Vikings and Nordic history. If you want more fun and such games with the same level of rewards and bonuses then give a try to their other famous titles such as Epic Journey, Five Star, God of Wealth, Gold Star, Golden Lamps, Fortune House and many other renowned titles.

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