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We have all heard about Yoyos and how fun it is to play with them. Yoyo’s Wild offered by Eyecon relives the same experience as it Yoyos are introduced in this game not just as features or graphical exhibitions, but they happen to be the very theme of the game. Those who love extra and fun things in life like simple toys they must have had in their lives at some point are in for a treat in this game. In Yoyo’s Wild, it’s all about being entertained by playing Yoyo indirectly in the slot. The graphical features vividly, and in a very catchy way, show just how much a slot game can be connected with a very simple and flexible toy like Yoyo.


YoYos-Wild no deposit slots
YoYos-Wild no deposit slots

Play YoYo’s Wild

Here are a few things you’d like to know about Yoyo’s Wild. The game offers a very impressive RTP of 96.5%. The minimum bet that can be made in this game is 0.25 and the maximum that can be won in this game is 10,000. There are 25 paylines present in this game and the structure of this game is 5 x 3 reels. Yoyo’s Wild by Eyecon can be found on tablet, mobile, and desktop. Because this game is entirely dedicated to Yoyos, the symbol used in this game are also yoyos. The symbol that pays the lowest in this game is the round yellow yoyo with brown stripes present in the centre. This symbol allows the player to win as much as 500 points. The blue yoyo with a green centre and let the player as much as 1200 points only on being found 5 times in the payline. Finally, the biggest reward can be found in the double conical yoyo symbol.

Play YoYo’s Wild Bonus Features

This symbol offers only 100 points if found twice in the paylines. It gets better when the number goes up. The player can win 1,000 points if found 4 times, and finally, 10,000 points provided that the symbol strikes 5 times in the payline. In addition to these symbols, the Wild symbol substitutes all the symbols present in the payline except the Scatter. Speaking of the Scatter symbol, the number of the Scatter symbol is found is, in fact, the multiplier of the game, that is, the Scatter win contributes by multiplying itself to the rewards that have been won.

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