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Tier Roulette Bet - Numbers & Payouts

Tier Roulette Bet - Numbers & Payouts

Fancy trying something new at the roulette table? The Tier Bet, also known as the Tiers du Cylindre, is an exciting option that covers a specific section of the roulette wheel. 

This bet involves placing chips on 12 different numbers, offering a better chance to win compared to betting on a single number. 

In this post, we'll break down the numbers you need to cover for a Tier Bet and explain the payouts you can expect if this bet comes in. 

What Does Tier Mean In Roulette?

The term "Tier" in roulette is short for "Tiers du Cylindre". This is a type of bet called a "call bet" or an "announced bet". It means you tell the dealer about the bet without placing chips on each number yourself. 

The Tier Bet covers one-third of the roulette wheel. Specifically, it focuses on the section opposite the "Voisins du Zéro" part of the wheel. 

This area includes the numbers 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, and 33. So, if you place a Tier Bet, you are putting chips on all these numbers at once. 

Roulette Tier Bet Explained

A Tier Bet is a type of special roulette bet covering a specific part of the wheel. Known as "Tiers du Cylindre", this bet includes 12 numbers. 

These numbers are 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, and 33. 

To place a Tier Bet, you use chips to cover these 12 numbers. It's known as a "call bet" or an "announced bet" because, traditionally, there is nowhere on the layout for you to place this bet. So, you inform the dealer that this is the bet you wish to place, and they place the bet for you. However, some roulette tables have a racetrack, which is an extra section of the layout where you can place call bets. 

This bet spans one-third of the roulette wheel, opposite to another section called the "Voisins du Zéro". This makes a Tier Bet an interesting option if you prefer not to pick single numbers and want to bet on a group of numbers that are next to each other on the wheel. 

Tier Numbers Roulette

The Tier Bet covers 12 numbers on the roulette wheel. These numbers are: 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 23, 24, 27, 30, 33, and 36. 

If you place a Tier Bet, chips go on each of these numbers. This bet spreads your chances across a specific section of the wheel. 

It's a helpful choice if you want to cover a section of the wheel rather than betting on groups scattered around the wheel (e.g. red, black, high, low, odds, evens, dozens and columns). 

Please note that the numbers provided here are based on a European roulette wheel. 

Tier Roulette Payout

If you place a Tier Bet, you're essentially placing six split bets. A split bet covers two numbers and offers a payout of 17 to 1. 

So, if one of your numbers wins on the Tier Bet, the payout is 17 to 1 since it is technically one of your split bets winning. This means if you placed £1 on each split bet, you get £17 back in winnings on the winning split bet, plus you get to keep the £1 bet. 

Remember, you are placing 6 bets, and only one can win in a round. So, although you win a 17:1 payout on the winning split bet, you also lose the other 5. 

While the Tier Bet covers more numbers than a single bet, the payout is lower compared to betting on a single number. Still, it gives you wider coverage and, therefore, a higher chance of the ball landing on a number you have bet on. 

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